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Club Officers - Polaris Sailing Society 2014

Commodore: Bill Palmer

I teach sailing classes at Polaris and I am the Chairman of the Safety Committee.

Vice Commodore of Sail: Brian DiSandro

Vice Commodore of Programs: Bob Leibenguth

Vice Commodore of Social: Nancy Rohal

Membership Chairperson: Dian Walkinshaw assisted by Connie Leigh

I was raised in Arizona, but moved to Texas after my first two years of college. Another couple of years at a university in Texas and I began my government career. I spent 28 years in Charleston, SC where I first developed a love for being on the water and boating. I moved to San Diego in 1995 as an Explosives Safety Inspector for the government. After 30+ years, I retired and began volunteering with garden clubs, Habitat for Humanity, the SPCA, other nonprofit organizations, and many local events that need volunteers. I even became a Norwegian Viking while living in WA for a few years.

I found the Polaris Society at the Festival of Sails in 2012, joined and quickly developed a love for sailing. Although I don't own a boat, I have found there are many friendly and generous boat owners in the club willing to take on a new crew member.

I have been active in Polaris for 2 years, having served one term as Vice Commodore of Social and two terms as Membership Chairperson.

Treasurer: Barbara Olsson

I have been around boats and water all of my life. Last year I came to a Polaris event and enjoyed it so much that I just kept coming. Currently I have a 24' San Juan sailboat that I keep in Mission Bay. I an also a member of the Chula Vista Yacht Club.

Secretary: "Doc" McAllister

Boat Owners Rep: Suzanne Brown

Owner/skipper of Iris. My exposure to sailing began when I joined Polaris in 2000. I thought it would be fun to learn how to sail. Since then I have owned four sailboats and crewed on dozens of others. To-date my experience includes blue-water sailing off the coast of California, in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and the Great Lakes.

Boat Owners Rep: Rich Geary

Non Boat Owners Rep: Joanna Ward

Non Boat Owners Rep: Cathy Cullen

Club Appointments

Education Director: Bill Palmer

I teach sailing classes at Polaris and I am also the Chairman of the Safety Committee.

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