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Polaris Club Boats

All of the boats offered for sailing are club member boats only and not owned by Polaris Sailing Society. Boats are sailing vessels unless otherwise indicated.

If you are interested in sailing on one of these boats, please sign up at the Sail Table during our weekly meetings.

We offer a variety of different vessels. Please view our selection of boats. We look forward to having you aboard!

Name of Vessel: Tortuga
Make: Formosa 45
Skipper/Owner: Archie Ackroyd
Name of Vessel: Windstorm
Make: Columbia 50
Skipper/Owner: Roger Fitzwilson
Name of Vessel: Northstar
Make: Herreschoff 35 Ketch
Skipper/Owner: Capt. Gregg Potter
Name of Vessel: Pagan
Make: Islander 30
Skipper/Owner: Cliff Miller
Name of Vessel: Puffin
Make: Newport 30
Skipper/Owner: Ann Lampkin
Name of Vessel: Hard Knots
Make: Cal-Pearson Cal T-27
Skipper/Owner: Will Browning
Name of Vessel: Faith
Make: Cal 27
Skipper/Owner: Marianne Clark
Name of Vessel: On Point
Make:Hans Christian 38,
Cutter Ketch
Skipper/Owner: Joy Corson
Name of Vessel: Pacific Spirit
Make: Cheoy Lee Clipper
Size: 33'
Skipper/Owner: Darrell McNurlan
Name of Vessel: Peregrine
Make: O'Day 1987
Size: 32.2'
Skipper/Owner: Steve Hargan

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